Redefining concierge services for the digital era

Techmenity elevates the resident experience through TechDad's high-touch technology concierge services.

Our services fuse the conveniences of a boutique hotel with the cutting-edge tech amenities residents have come to expect in luxury apartment buildings. In addition to USB charging ports and seamless connectivity across the entire property, residents are looking for high-end perks like a screening room; fitness center with individually tailored connectivity and Bluetooth options on each machine; yoga studio with screen space for on-demand video instruction; an in-lobby, e-resident interface synced to residents’ mobile devices; keyless electronic access control; and, of course, a fully automated dog-washing station.

Whether you're moving in or staying put, TechDad makes it easy for residents to get help installing and customizing their home entertainment systems, ambient lighting & temperature controls, mechanized window treatments & shades, secure Wi-Fi,  security systems, and much more. 

Techmenity makes staying home feel like the new going out. 

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Move In Incentives

TechDad offers a complete bundle of move-in services so tenants can feel right at home and at ease on the very first day. These services include carefully unpacking their electronics, ordering the necessary new technology and getting everything set up in time so they can use it all right away. Let TechDad liaise with the cable company so your TV, internet and WiFi is activated properly. TechDad will mount your TV, set up your soundbar, connect your speakers, and program all your media devices so you can immerse yourself in high quality entertainment in any room.


Retention Incentives

As an extended member of the family, your home should make you feel safe, secure and settled. TechDad’s retention incentive emphasizes comfort and stability by creating a technological ecosystem that’s tailored to your preferences. By creating the perfect atmosphere for your morning routine, setting the right mood for a quiet evening, and everything in between, your home will feel like a blissful, glitch-free sanctuary.


Improve Your Techknowledgy

Having the latest technology is only the first step to living your best tech-life. Learning how to use it is the next step. TechDad can show you everything you need to know about your technology and how it can improve your daily functioning. Whether your technology is providing the best entertainment or helping you be more efficient at work, you’ll have a caring mentor to guide you. TechDad is the human bridge between you and your technology.


Techmenity Services include