Redefining concierge services for the digital era

Techmenity elevates the resident experience through TechDad's high-touch technology concierge services.

We provide smart-technology IoT guidance, installation and support as an amenity service to the luxury residential market, targeting developers and landlords as decision makers. Techmenity provides residents of a member luxury property easy and fast access to highly trained and process-oriented technology experts (trained by TechDad), who deliver, install, troubleshoot, and teach a wide variety of cutting edge smart home tech. Patient and caring tech support service-as-amenity offers busy residents the services and support they covet in the "do it for me" economy. Tech is not easy for all people to grasp and understand. Techmenity reduces anxiety and frustration and is like having a "tech therapist" on staff. Even residents with "tech chops" don't always have time to select and install the tech that will most enhance their lives. Techmenity does it for you!


Why Techmenity?

The fundamental components of a smarter home are already in use. Smart homes are growing in popularity and will become an absolute necessity to compete in the NYC real estate markets. Smart buildings not only provide methods to save money on energy & resources but increases property value while decreasing turnover times. Techmenity can be introduced at various phases of a development's lifecycle: In the project planning stages, Techmenity can design a development's technology identity, from smart amenity floors, adorned with the latest tech lifestyle enhancements to the residential units' smart tech and entertainment tech. Technology provides opportunities to improve connectivity, conserve energy, improve wellness, increase safety, comfort, improve at-home entertainment and so much more.


We Care

As an extended member of the family, your home should make you feel safe, secure and settled. Techmenity emphasizes comfort and stability by creating a technological ecosystem that’s tailored to your preferences. From voice activation and remote control panels to motion sensors and geofencing, we can fully automate the bridge between technology and luxury. By creating the perfect atmosphere for your morning routine, setting the right mood for a quiet evening, and everything in between, your home will feel like a blissful, glitch-free sanctuary.


Our Team

Our Team Is carefully vetted and trained. They embody all of the traits that a discerning client would demand, including, attention to detail, deep listening, caring "techside manner," culturally sensitive, creative, kind, personable and, of course, tech-savvy. Our easy-to-reach customer service specialists are dedicated to building client trust and improving clients' relationship with their technology. We operate with a high-touch and provide a thorough, fully scalable approach to technology solutions. Whether we are configuring WiFi, mounting a TV, remotely managing smart home tech devices, or integrating a fully automated smart-home package, our work is always meticulously executed. Our simple processes ensure a quick response time, patient technicians, curated solutions, and follow-up that keeps our clients engaged and their technology up and running.


Techmenity Services include