We haven't quite achieved George Jetson status.
But we're getting close. 

 Sleek and discrete: Nest Thermostat

Sleek and discrete: Nest Thermostat


A smart home is so much more than controlling the lights or thermostat from your phone. Partner with TechDad to explore all your wildest home technology fantasies.

Our intention is to integrate technology into your life without disrupting it: We will not recommend bloated, fancy gadgets or gizmos that will frustrate you or your family members. Instead, we show you how technology can be seamlessly and invisibly engineered into your home. Meet the cool new technology we’ve discovered and the companies we’ve partnered with to make your home, well, “smart!”

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to brainstorm exciting ways to incorporate today’s technology into your life.

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TechDad is an authorized Savant Pro Dealer. We also represent Elan, URC and other cutting edge integration platforms.