Solving all your technology needs, so you can make more time for the things (people) that really matter.

We know you’re busy. The last thing you want to do when you come home is fuss with stubborn technology.
TechDad specializes in fast, clean (and painless) setup, installation & guidance for the many aspects of your digital life.

Top Services


Secure and Robust WiFi Networks

We show clients how easy and cost-effective it is to have strong wifi that reaches every corner of their home (and yard). Our process begins with gathering necessary details and performing a site survey. Next, we design and propose a practical solution, then we install, test and teach. Finally, we provide maintenance and continued support because your technology requires ongoing care.


TV Mounting, Wireless Music Systems & Remote Controls

Our detail-oriented techs will help you find the most comfortable height for mounting your TV, invisibly run all cables, connect and configure devices such as video game consoles, and streaming media players and set-up your sound bar. We specialize in designing wireless, multi-room audio systems, such as Sonos to maximize your music listening experience. Have six remote controls? We’ll consolidate those too!


Troubleshooting, Problem-Solving & Tech Tutorials. 

Every question deserves an answer. Whether it’s a persistent pop-up screen, a "storage almost full" message on your phone, or a cable in the wall that is no longer working, our techs will provide you with easy-to-understand solutions to get you and your technology working again.


Fancy Living in a SmartHome?

We haven’t quite achieved George Jetson status.
But we’re getting close.

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