TechDad's Holiday Wish List

Great Gadget Gift Guide

TechDad put together this list of the best tech gadget gifts that will surely add joy, entertainment, and functionality to the holiday season and beyond!

Nintendo Switch - Great for a long commute and a ton of great games to play with friends and family.

Sony noise cancelling headphones (1000xm3's) - Beloved by bluetooth audiophiles for all the cool software tuning options. Crazy comfy and lots of cool features such as Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically adjusts ambient sound to your activity.

Oculus Go - A good, inexpensive, & reliable VR experience that anyone can enjoy anywhere without wires or a bulky PC.

Pixel 3 - Super-reliable Android phone with amazing features such as the ability to have the "Google Assistant" screen calls and make appointments for you, as well as the best camera on a smart device. Period.

Tile - These little key fob bricks will save you every time you lose your keys, phone, wallet, etc...

WyzeCam - These little camera cubes are sleek, small, versatile and super easy to set up. The Wyze app allows you to tap into the camera for viewing, recording, listening and even talk-back functions.

Leon Tonecase - With Leon, you can fit your Sonos speakers into a beautiful, custom-made wooden enclosure that will stand out or blend in, depending on your aesthetic preference. These cases bring a more organic, handcrafted look to the Sonos experience.

Samsung Gear Icon X (2018) bluetooth earbuds - Ultra-light, true wireless headphones that are more than just Airpod clones. Tons of cool features such as exercise coaching with Samsung's own Bixby Assistant, storage for jogging without your phone, 10 hours of battery life and they can be recharged in its compact case.