Top 3 Sound-bars

TechRadar is a trusted source of ours, so we endorse this Top 10 Soundbar list.

1.  Samsung HW-MS650  “Be afraid, traditional Hi-Fi speakers. Be very afraid.” Samsung has clearly been investing heavily in the exploration of home audio. Their latest home entertainment innovation produces powerful sound and crisp, clear music at a fair, accessible price.

2.  Sony HT-ST5000 A TechDad favorite. It’s “unabashedly upmarket” price tag means that it won’t be a reasonable fit for everybody. But if you want the best of the best, we think this is it.  

3.  Q Acoustics M4 Fantastic speaker at a much more accessible price. TechRadar goes as far as to say, “it sounds so much better than pretty much any rival soundbar in the same price bracket that it’s actually ridiculously good value - especially if you care about music as much as you care about movies.”