Petition for "Senior Mode" On All Mobile Apps

Techdad Petitions Tech Giants, Developers For a Mandated “Senior Mode” On All Mobile Apps

TechDad’s founder, Jamie Propp started a petition to Apple, Google, and Amazon to require all developers to offer a “Senior Mode” if they sell apps (paid or free) in their app stores.

Seniors, or “Non-digital natives” are marginalized by developers and manufacturers and made to feel, well, stupid, when they can’t keep up with the rate of updates happening on their phone. Establishing a “Senior Mode” will ensure that app makers offer a setting where buttons stay in the same place, do the same thing, and don’t automatically change in look and feel on a whim. They will also leave out unnecessary features and bloat that are not important to most Baby Boomers and beyond.

Seniors have the largest percentage of disposable income to invest in technological enhancements in their lives, whether related to aging-in-place, wellness, or entertainment. They play an important and growing role in the tech economy and their needs deserve to be acknowledged.

Please help us provide equal access for Seniors by signing the petition.