Best Gadgets for Back-To-School


This alarm clock wakes you with peaceful sounds and simulated natural light. Also double as a lamp (and encourages you to get that phone out of the bedroom) Amazon Price: $19.99


These cute little waterproof Bluetooth speakers bring trusted UE sound, 10 hours of battery life and come in a variety of colors.
Amazon Price: $67.99


Western Digital Ultra Portable 1TB Hard Drive Losing all your files sucks. Backing up your stuff to an external hard drive is the best and easiest way to make sure you're covered if disaster strikes your laptop.
Amazon Price: $109.95


This camera is a throwback to the Polaroids of yesteryear. Its hybrid design lets you preview and edit images before you print the adorable square photos. Amazon Price: $199

sony usbc.jpg

This double-ended USB-C flash drive has a regular USB port on one side and USB-C on the other side, meaning you'll be able to copy your files no matter what computer you run into. Amazon Price: $45.95 (64GB)


Small enough to fit in your pocket and enough power to charge your phone up more than once + Quick Charge setting. Walmart Price: $39.94 (currently out of stock on Amazon)