Nest Thermostats Will Keep You Cool and Save You Money This Summer

The Nest E and the Nest Learning Thermostat take the top 2 spots on Wirecutter’s “Best Smart Thermostat” List. The Nest E’s clean, white design and muted, frosted screen give it an aesthetic edge over the larger, black and metal Nest Learning Thermostat. Both products learn your heating and cooling preferences and intelligently create a schedule to adjust your home’s temperature.   

Nest’s smart thermostats can cool down your summer home before you arrive— and turn off the AC if you forget to when you leave. When you’re headed back to the city, you can check the temp in your apartment before you return home.  

The thermostat also lends a natural transition to the other Nest products like the CO Detector and the Nest Cams.

TechDad can install your Nest thermostat, show you how to use it, and troubleshoot if you ever have any problems.

Jessica VernonComment