Tips & Resources to Keep Kids Safe Online

TechDad is committed to educating families on how to protect their children from unnecessary exposure on the internet.

TechDad can show you how to set-up parental controls on your network and help you select and install the best internet filter for your family's needs. Installing a filter on your devices or on your router can prevent accidental exposure to explicit online material in your home.

Smartphone Tracking + Internet Filters:

WebSafety and TeenSafe apps monitor Social Media, Location, Apps & Screen Time, Monitors Web History & Text Messages, and sends real-time alerts to the parent’s phone.

OpenDNS Personal protects your home's Wi-Fi network and all of the users who connect to it. Includes web content filters, reports, phishing protection.

Internet Safety Resources for Parents:

Pew Research Center’s 2018 Report on Teens, Social Media & Technology

Internet Safety 101 “Rules and Tools Checklist”

Cyberbullying- A Quick Guide for Parents

Cybercrime Reporting / Hotlines

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