Find a Password Manager That Works For You

The average user manages 90 online accounts for personal use, with an average of 130 accounts linked to a single email address. The average small business user is managing 147 logins — for agencies handling lots of client accounts, that number multiplies quickly.

Using a password manager takes the stress and hassle out of online security -- and saves time. Password managers can be downloaded to your browser and synced across all of your devices. This way, your passwords are always with you, always up-to-date, and always protected by a single, master password. (Yes, you still have to remember one password.)  

Strong passwords are the simplest and most effective way to protect yourself and your business. Below is a list of secure password management options for both personal and professional use.

Contact TechDad if you’re still not sure which option is best for you. Our technicians can provide support and instruction throughout the selection, installation, and setup process.


  • Help you select the best password manager for your needs and install on all of your devices.  


  • Teach you how to enter all of your logins and generate unique passwords for all of the sites and apps that you access


  • Preliminary gathering of all logins that you want secured

  • Safety assessment and introduction to credit protection and identity theft protection tools and services


Personal Password Protection

Google Sheets

Create an access-restricted spreadsheet to store personal passwords. You can easily separate, label, and categorize your spreadsheets, autosave your work, and control who can view, edit, and comment on a document if you ever need to share a password. And it’s free.

Google is well-known for technical excellence, so the risk of it being hacked is reasonably low. They also offer a 2-step verification that adds another layer of protection. Whenever you sign in to Google, you'll enter your password as usual. Then, a code will be sent to your phone via text, voice call, or our mobile app. This makes Google Sheets better and more secure than sticky notes or excel spreadsheets, but things can get complicated when you start using a Google spreadsheet for highly sensitive or work related passwords.

1Password consistently and automatically detects whenever you login to websites or create new passwords to ask if you want to add that password to the vault. The TechDad himself, Jamie Propp uses 1Password, so that alone should tell you a lot!

LastPass offers personal and family plans starting for free as well as affordable team and enterprise business plans that allow for sharing. Your vault is protected under a single master password (or even better, a passphrase) and can be synced with all of your devices.

Password Protection for Businesses


Powered by small business cyber-security company, Jungle Disk, TeamPassword is specifically designed for teams who need to share logins. The defining “Groups Feature” lets you add team members to specific groups (marketing, finance, contractors) so they have access to the accounts they need for their job— and only those accounts.We like that their browser extensions prioritize logins for the web page you’re browsing, but won’t auto-fill credentials. This means there’s never any mix-ups if you manage several logins for the same site.

Dashlane also has excellent password sharing options that let employees access login credentials without seeing the password. This avoids having to reset your passwords when an employee leaves your organization. The autofill feature does get a little confused sometimes, ultimately wasting the valuable minutes you’re trying to save.


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