Browser Extensions Are Your Friend!

The author of this NY Times article shows us just how entertaining browser extensions can be! All millennial snake people jokes aside, browser extensions can make your life easier— and your browsing more efficient.

Downloadable browser extensions expand the functionality of your web browser by providing additional features, modifying web pages, and integrating your browser with the other services or apps you use. They can do things like:

  • Make thesaurus recommendations

  • Check for grammar errors

  • Create to-do lists in new tabs

  • Change the color scheme of a webpage to make it more readable

  • Clip websites and save them directly to an Evernote account

SECURITY NOTE! It’s important to remember that, like any software, browser extensions are susceptible to bugs and malware. A bad extension could use its access to snoop on your browsing, possibly capturing your credit card numbers and passwords. Your risks are fairly minimal if you’re sure to only choose extensions from well-known developers and well-reviewed extensions with lots of users.

Where to get extensions: Chrome extensions are available from the Chrome Web Store, while Firefox extensions are available on Mozilla’s Add-ons site. Microsoft hosts an Internet Explorer Add-on Gallery website, but the selection is extremely limited. Other browsers have their own sites.

While we prefer to use them for more practical means, the author highlights several “fun” Chrome extensions to help lighten up the monotony of your desk job— just in case you need a virtual dog or cat to further distract you from work. And for those of you who like word games, he provides lots of word-swapping extensions to keep your mind (and wit) sharp.