Everyone Can Create: Apple Education iPad

Apple continues to push their Teacher Program which rewards teachers who find creative ways to use Apple apps in the classroom. Their “Everyone Can Create” initiative and the announcement of their new education iPad aim to prove how invested they are in the future of education.   

At a Chicago high school a few days ago, the tech giant made a public commitment to students and teachers with a promise that its new, more “affordably priced” products will be geared toward the education market. The new education iPad is being touted as the “ultimate creative classroom tool for students to learn and express themselves.”

“Affordable” for Apple standards, the education-specific iPad costs $299 for schools ($329 for everyone else) and works with the $99 Apple Pencil ($89 for students/teachers) and the cheaper ($49) third-party Logitech Crayon.  The stylus pencils will be useful for teachers to mark up documents on Pages, similar to how they might grade a paper.

Software updates include a new version of iWork and a Digital Book Creation tool.  A new app, Schoolwork, lets teachers manage their classroom digitally, hand out digital assignments by attaching PDFs and links to each new project. Student iCloud accounts will be upgraded to 200GB of storage to accommodate all these document attachments.

TechDad would be happy to help your student set up his/her iPad!

Source: The Verge