Introducing Techmenity


Introducing Techmenity: Our Approach to Building a More Connected NYC

Thoughtful Technology Integration for Urban Living

From TechSon to TechFriend to TechDad, I have always been the one friends and family turned to for tech guidance. In 2013 I started TechDad, to test the question of whether it would be possible to create the “Uber of tech support.” I quickly determined my clients demanded a level of service that could never be delivered consistently and reliably through an app.


People-focused, patient and caring became the core tenets of TechDad’s business model. Now we’re one of NYC’s most highly regarded home automation, integration and business IT companies. We partner with clients to design customized solutions for their homes and offices to help them live & work in harmony with their technology. Our work in the New York smart home/office space helped us recognize and define the opportunities for a new class of Connected Building — and the residents who live there. 

The “Technology as Amenity” Movement

Techmenity was created from the realization that many NYC residents receive personalized care from their trainers, in-home chefs, and a bevy of service providers. But when it comes to their personal technology, most are left to fend for themselves or try their luck with a google search.

Our technology amenity service provides an on-call Technology Concierge for building residents and staff — the 21st-century handyman!

From building your network foundation to energy-efficient systems, mood-enhancing hidden technologies, and smart-apartment packages, we’re able to offer our caring service and expertise to entire building communities.

Connected Living, Connected Environments are the Future Happening Now 

I believe that technology has the power to positively reshape our world. We are only just beginning to see PropTech’s potential to affect in-home wellness, recreation, security, and community. Technology affects people and people affect the world. 

This cycle is already in motion. As more and more smart-homes, apartments, and offices come on the market, the buildings that house these connected living and working spaces are becoming smarter too. Techmenity creates new opportunities for technology integrators to partner with architects, developers, designers and property managers to build harmonized communities, where technologies integrate with and manage beautifully designed, WELL environments that support people working and living better. 

Designing Your Building for The Next Generation

One of our goals is to educate developers, architects, engineers and key stakeholders about the types of technology available today, and help them conceptualize what may be available to them in the future. 

I think about the children (including my two daughters) who will be growing up in these connected buildings. They have a baseline expectation for technology in their lives that even we, as Generation X-ers or Millennials, might still be skeptical about. 

If your kids expect Alexa to play music or turn on the lights, imagine where we’re going to be 20 years from now.

As innovators, we have to anticipate technological changes by designing network infrastructures that can accommodate the many advancements that will occur throughout the lifecycle of a smart building. 

In order to build truly sustainable connected buildings, we’ll need to design these structures to be versatile, advanced, and efficient enough to support technological changes for at least the next 100 years. Doing it upfront will save (lots of) money down the road. 

Building Relationships

The process of creating a connected building is ultimately about relationships.


When we start a project, we know we’re going to be working intimately with a team of people, sometimes over the course of several years, to realize their vision. The building is a physical manifestation of the relationships we’ve nurtured. Once construction is complete, we’ll continue to honor our relationships in the quality of care and service we provide to your residents.

The WELLness Factor

The way we interact with technology is also a relationship — and this relationship can greatly impact our well-being. When integrated with mindfulness as the goal, technology becomes a tool that can help us enhance our life — not control it. 

A connected-space can enrich and expand the precious time we have at home. We employ invisible technology (such as lighting, background sounds, air filtration) that can reduce our levels of stress, stimulate creativity, and influence productivity.  Techmenity operates under the belief that when thoughtfully integrated into our homes and workplaces, technology can help us live happier, healthier, more creative lives.

We also believe in being responsible inhabitants of this planet. By increasing the energy efficiency of our buildings, technology helps us build more sustainable cities and cultivate more connected communities. 

Techmenity’s 4 Phase Approach

1. Digital Foundation: Design, installation, and management of integration-ready building-wide data networks. We work with your BAS providers to ensure all systems are securely integrated. We offer Building as a Managed Service (BaaMS) and help desk services to achieve maximum operational efficiency.

2. Amenity Area Technology: Consulting, design, installation & support for project-defining amenity spaces, wellness floors, lobbies, mailrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and decks.

3. Smart-Apartment Packages: Design and deployment of in-unit smart technology packages that will exceed residents’ expectations and reinforce the standards and profile of your property. 

4. Technology Concierge: On-site/on-call smart home technicians to help residents and staff with any and all tech tasks, from mounting a TV and troubleshooting WiFi to customizing their unit with fully automated smart-home installation.