Why You Should Add Hidden Technology in Your Next Interior Design Project

Give Your Customers the Functionality They Want without the Distraction

There’s a new type of homeowner on the market, and they’re changing the understanding of what it means to live in New York.

More homebuyers today not only desire smart technology in their homes but expect it, which means interior designers must be able to speak the language of smart home technology and seamlessly incorporate it into their designs without intruding on the property’s style.

From smart security to a whole-home AV installation, it’s possible to fit these solutions into your designs when you partner with TechDad’s seasoned team of integrators. Keep reading to learn why now is the time to incorporate hidden technologies in your future projects.

Fulfill the Homeowner’s Demands

According to a recent Better Homes & Garden real estate survey, the next generation of homeowners believes smart technology is more important in a prospective home than its curb appeal. In fact, 64 percent of homebuyers aged 18-35 said they wouldn’t even consider living in a home that was not updated with the latest technologies.

Bringing a technology consultant on board can help interior designers educate their clients on the latest smart home technologies including solutions like multi-room audio, smart lighting control, intuitive thermostats, whole-home automation, and more.

Stay True to Your Vision

The Better Homes & Gardens survey also found that while today’s consumers value smart technology in their homes for more convenient living, they want the functionality without the distraction of bulky devices that detract from their style.

Solutions like distributed audio/video, motorized shades, lighting control, surveillance, and HVAC can all be seamlessly incorporated into your interior design projects without impeding your vision. Whether you’re designing a minimalistic condo or a mid-century modern loft, you’ll never have to worry about distracting keypads or obtrusive wall speakers that take the eye away from the home’s interior.

Partner with TechDad

Our team at TechDad believes in the mindful integration of smart technology to support safer, happier, more convenient lifestyles. We work with forward-thinking developers, property owners, and interior designers to create thoughtful technology environments that exceed the expectations of today’s smart-tech consumer.

When you partner with TechDad, we’ll help you and your client better understand the latest smart-home innovations, and how these solutions can be incorporated into your designs—and your client’s lifestyle. We will never recommend bloated, fancy gadgets that add frustration or take away from your vision. Instead, we’ll show you just how technology can be seamlessly and invisibly engineered into your projects.

Learn more about partnering with our caring team of integrators to incorporate home technology into your next project by contacting us here. We’re excited to connect with you!

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