Why Managed IT Services Are Essential for Your Business

Technology Can Be A Pain, Your IT Service Provider Shouldn’t Be.

Whether you run a coffee shop or a marketing agency, if your technology isn’t working properly, it delays all production. If your internet is down, transactions and projects can’t be completed, and that’s a waste of everyone’s time and money; TechDad’s Managed IT services can save you both.

With TechDad Business Care, our Managed IT Services ensure your systems are well and operating efficiently. Our scalable plans give you upfront pricing and expert support when you need it most. New York business both small and large can benefit from an assistance plan, taking technology burdens off your back so you can focus on innovation and growth. If you’re unsure whether your business could benefit from IT support, continue reading to discover situations it will be valuable, and areas you may not have considered.

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IT Services Act in Real-Time

Without an IT maintenance plan, it could take hours (or days) to fix an unexpected technology issue. With a Managed Service Provider like TechDad’s Caring IT Support, your computer assets are monitored in real time 24/7. This allows our team to remotely fix issues before problems arise, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity for your staff.

TechDad’s remote monitoring systems saves time and expenses by securely accessing your company’s servers, Wi-Fi, computers, printers, and AV installations, to resolve issues before they interrupt your workday. On those occasions when you need in-person support, our expert technicians will be there to deliver TechDad’s signature standard of patient, caring service.

Your Data Will Be Safe

Your business’s data is important. If your information is contained in only one place or has not been backed up properly, you are putting your company at risk.

Our Managed IT services assist in network, server, and workstation backups so that in case of a failure, you won’t lose valuable information and you can bounce back right away. We will also set up firewalls and anti-malware to safeguard your information from potential hackers.

So Much More Than Managed Services

Beyond your computer and data systems, should your business require additional tech support, TechDad Business Care has your covered: from A/V to smart office solutions. If your conference room technology is temperamental, or if the speakers in your café rarely connect to Wi-Fi, you know how frustrating it can be. Nothing is worse than stalling a meeting, waiting for the projector to connect to a laptop, or serving customers in painful silence because the music system isn’t working. With TechDad’s comprehensive scope of Business Care Services we’ll also make sure your lighting, speakers, and screens are working correctly and in unison, and will be there for you if anything runs amuck.

Ultimately, managed IT services will help your business run more efficiently, helping your staff and clients find success. Get started today by contacting us here, emailing solutions@techdad.com or giving TechDad a call at (212) 235-7011.

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