3 Unbeatable Ways TechDad Helps You Grow Your Business

Our Managed Services Offer You Support Anytime You Need It

Let’s face it: Growing your business is no walk in the park. From building sales funnels and keeping tabs on the competition, to managing staff and nurturing customer relationships, your hands are pretty full most of the time. And while hard work is expected; any progress would be for naught if you’re failing to maintain the wellness of your technology systems.

If your company experiences one minute of IT-related downtime, you’re losing thousands of dollars that could be put toward growth initiatives. It’s time to stop taking one step forward and two steps back. Read on for three unbeatable ways our team’s managed services can help your New York City business grow.

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We Take the Proactive Approach

Even if you already have an IT staff, chances are they’re reacting to issues rather than working continuously to prevent problems before they surprise you. Reactive solutions are slow to implement and result in forced, costly decisions and large, unforeseen expenses. Even worse, they could result in unrecoverable information and significant data loss.

IT support shouldn’t just be a band-aid for your office technologies’ scrapes and bruises. That’s why our team takes the proactive approach by monitoring and managing your systems around the clock to resolve issues before they happen.

After you leave the office and before you return in the morning, our dedicated team implements upgrades, troubleshooting, and maintenance on your systems to eliminate any possible downtime during business hours so you can save money on unexpected costs, feel confident in the security of your technology, and boost productivity across all channels.

We’re Here for the People

Sure, we love updating systems, but that’s not where our passion stops. We believe the most important aspect of any business is its people, and that’s why we commit ourselves not just to technology but to the people who use it.

Our dynamic team of experts are top-minds in technology but equally value compassionate relationships with our clients because that’s what makes running our business meaningful. Think of us as the human bridge between you and your technology. When you partner with TechDad, you become a member of our family, and that means your success is our success.

We Scale to Your Needs

Your business growth has no set speedometer, so we stay nimble and poised to adapt with you as your company expands—no matter the pace. That’s why we’ve also designed scalable monitoring packages that give you the support and security you need at a price you can pay.

Want to take network security off your hands entirely so you can focus on bigger things? No problem. Our Peace of Mind package covers everything from remote and onsite monitoring, system maintenance, system backups, and more. If you’re just looking for someone to keep an eye on your systems while you can’t, we’ve got you covered. Our Better Than Nothing package offers monitoring services 24/7.

And for those who’d like support that lies somewhere in the middle, we’re ready to help you, too. We deliver monitoring and maintenance solutions for businesses of all needs because we know not all systems are created equal. Plus, you’re our family, and family comes first.

Scale faster, play harder, and work better by partnering with our team at TechDad. We’re ready to provide IT support every step of the way—and celebrate with you when you grow. Get started today by contacting us here or giving us a call at (212) 235-7011.