Doing Well by Doing Good: Why Human Social Responsibility Matters


We strive to be leaders both in our personal lives and in the tech industry. Every person (and every business) has their own unique strengths and skills to offer the world. So, it is through our technological expertise and resources that we’re best able to contribute to the creation of a more compassionate world. 

Plain and simple, TechDad is in the business of care. Since its inception, our company has always worked to provide cutting edge care and support for our clients; it is only natural that we would also think about how to do the same for our employees and community. For TechDad, the adoption of human social responsibility was a natural progression because we believe that it is the golden standard for companies who care. 

Human social responsibility (HSR) allows smaller companies like ours to do good in meaningful ways. Although we may not have the resources of a larger corporation, TechDad recognizes that we still have a responsibility to contribute to our community. COO JP Foster explains that our team is not only empowered to “share and embody our values with our clients, which enhances trust with the clients and communities we serve. We believe that this authenticates our desire to do well by doing good” HSR is a reflection of our team’s values and the company’s desire to be a part of the creation of a more compassionate world through the good works that we do locally. 

TechDad also has an inherent understanding that the proliferation of technology has caused widespread changes to how the world interacts. Our recognition of this connectedness allows us to, in the words of CEO and founder Jamie Propp, “think about how technology affects populations that we care about like senior citizens and students and the opportunity that we, as a company, have to positively impact them by sharing our expertise, resources, and care.” We are proud to support a variety of local causes including improving access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education and helping older adults age-in-place with technology. Read more about these programs here. 

Human social responsibility allows our company to purposefully choose how we live out our values. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care to every client and our community, because doing good should never be limited. 

If you’re only doing business to make money, and you don’t also work to affect change with these resources, what’s the point? 

Omer SoylemezComment