March: Tech Tip of the Month


Source: New York Times

We’ve all answered a call from a friend or family member (let’s admit, it’s almost always Dad) that is nothing but garbled, unintelligible Charlie Brown parent speak. No big deal. But then they call again. And again.

Or worse yet, we’ve accidentally butt dialed someone who could hear what we were saying, and shouldn’t have. [Cue rap song about girlfriend overhearing him with his side girl.]

This NY Times article outlines some helpful tips about avoiding this potentially embarrassing — and certainly annoying — dial-by-accident.

  • Turn off the screen by hitting the Power/Sleep/Wake button before putting the phone in your pocket.

  • In Settings, adjust the amount of lag-time before the phone automatically shuts itself off. (If you’re a frequent butt dialer, set this for a short time, around 30-45 seconds.)

  • Add a lock screen and passcode to prevent your butt (and any unauthorized user) from accessing your device.

  • If you use voice dialing settings with prompts like “Hey, Siri,” you’ll need to be careful not to accidentally wake her up when you say good morning to your co-worker, Sherri. This feature is also controlled in your phone’s settings.