Tech Tips for Back to School

'A Comprehensive ‘Tech To School’ Q & A from TechDad

Whether you're a parent, student or teacher, it’s that time of year when we say "farewell" to summer and prepare for the back-to-school bustle! Technology is now intertwined with and embedded into all areas of education, which is why it’s important for TechDad to keep our clients up-to-date. For this, we’ve put together a quick & easy guide to help you transition back into school mode. Below are a few questions you may be (or should be) asking as you prepare for the school year ahead. While we hope that you will find these links are very informative, please make sure to keep TechDad in mind when you need a little extra personalized assistance with your technology. We're always here to help!

You Have The 'Q's, We'll Help You Get Straight 'A's

  • Is my printer up to snuff?

‘Follow The Prints’ - Check out some printer options here!

  • What’s the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

‘Set The Toner’ - This article explains it all here!

  • How do I make my printer wireless or remote?

‘Sever The Ties’ - Techdad can help you get your printer on your network. Contact us!

  • What are the best Bluetooth speakers available?

‘Current Speakers Getting Long in the Tooth?’ - Check out this great review here!

  • What are some Parental Control options I should know about?

Keep a digital eye on your kids through the lens of these helpful Apps!

  • What are the best Apps to use for College?

‘From Apps To Graduation Caps’ - Cram this list into your life!

  • Which wireless router should I be using?

‘WiFi? Why NOT Fi?’ - Increase the net worth of your network with this list of the best wireless routers here!

  • What are the best streaming devices out there?

'Let The Streams of Thought Flow Freely' - Check out these great media streamers*

*NOTE: We advise clients to hold off on the purchase of a new Apple TV until after September 12, as Apple is rumored to be announcing a new 4K Apple TV on this date. Techdad will be following the announcement very closely and will be happy to discuss the new product and features in detail with you. 

  • What's a firewall and why should I have one for my home, dorm or office?

A firewall is a system designed to protect your internet devices from outside hackers, fraudsters & unwelcome data. Check out this informative article on firewalls.

TechDad is available to help you set up, install and learn all about your technology. Keep us in mind for your home or office set up.

We also work with architects, designers, and contractors to realize the smart home/office designs of your wildest dreams!

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