Data Backup- Do It Before It's Too Late!

Data Backup Plain & Simple:
Do It Before It's Too Late!

In light of the daily security concerns you hear about on the news, and in keeping with best computer practices, backing up your data in full is a critical practice. You have insurance for your car and your home, so think of this as insurance for your family photos, movies, documents, financial records and more.  Take two minutes to review some simple backup strategies for Mac & Windows because, more than we'd like to admit, TechDad sees estimates of over $1,000 to recover data from a damaged hard drive.

For your Mac: 

Apple has a built-in backup system called Time Machine. It is easily accessible by plugging in an external drive for the first time (We recommend THIS 2TB Western Digital for $69.99 at Best Buy). Automatically, a pop-up screen asking if you want to use the drive as a Time Machine backup will appear. Another way to setup Time Machine is to go to System Preferences, located under the Apple Menu on any Mac (in the upper left-hand corner of your screen). Select Time Machine settings and then click the option to view the Time Machine icon in the menu bar. This will allow you, with a single click, to check if the backup is working and up to date. The rest is automatic and will forever be working in the background as long as your drive is plugged into your computer. In the next installment, we will show you how to retrieve your files from Time Machine.

Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft has several ways of performing a backup, which are not quite as user-friendly as on a Mac. Here is a link to one helpful guide.

On either platform, the goal is to store "incremental" backups of your critical data and to avoid a situation where you have to pay top dollar to recover a failed hard drive; or worse, not being able to recover your data at all.

Online Backup Services: 

You may want to consider a cloud-based backup solution, such as Crashplan or Carbonite. These paid services make your files accessible to you anywhere you have an internet connection. Online backups also ensure that your data is safe in the event of a burglary, fire, natural disaster, or one of the many hack attacks such as Wanna Cry, which can literally hold your files hostage until you pay a ransom.

In a world full of uncertainties, we bring this topic to your attention regularly, as we believe it’s critically important to your digital life. We encourage you to start backing up your system on your own or checking the health of your backup drive if you are already running a backup system. If you need assistance navigating the waters, TechDad is here to help every step of the way.

If you need more help, TechDad is happy to guide you through the backup process.