Summer Security Tip

Summer Security Tip

One scam that’s forever making the rounds on both Mac and PC is a scary and intimidating message that pops-up as you're working on your screen and says something like "Microsoft Has Detected A Security Error! " A telephone number is provided in the hopes that you will call for help. Once you initiate the call, things can quickly go downhill. We've heard of people paying hundreds of dollars for a tech support contract and giving complete strangers full remote access to their computers. Once you have granted access to these scammers, it is practically impossible to immediately determine the full extent of the damage they have caused to your computer, your privacy and the potential for identity theft.

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A close relative to the "scary pop-up" is receiving a fake telephone call from "Microsoft," "Apple," "Google," or some other manufacturer. They will tell you that they have noticed that you have a virus on your computer. This ploy is used to, again, get remote access to your PC or Mac. Once this happens, they have carte blanche to access sensitive information on your system.

Best practice in any of these cases is to hang up the phone. You can also ask for a telephone number and tell them you will call them back. Then google the telephone number provided and the search result will likely inform you of the scam that has appeared on your desktop.

If you think you have fallen for one of these scams, if you are experiencing persistent pop-ups of this nature, or if you have any security concerns, please call us at (212) 235-7011.

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