Groovin' With The Move In!

TechDad understands that moving is no joke.
We have helped many of our business & residential clients plan and execute smooth moves for their all of their technology. 

It's a fact - moving is one of life’s biggest stresses & inconveniences, but moving your technology no longer has to be, thanks to TechDad’s tech moving services. 

While we don’t show up to your home or office with a moving truck, we will consult with you on all of the details prior to your move, and then prep your tech by thoroughly documenting, safely powering down, disassembling and labeling computers, TV’s and home theaters, stereos, wireless networking equipment, server rooms, telephone systems and more. We then set everything up properly and test all functions in your new locations. In other words, we do the worrying for you!

If you're looking for a company to help you with all the other aspects of your move (prep, planning, execution) - and we mean 'walk out of your old home and into your new home without a care (or box)', then reach out to Seriatim. Sonya Weisshappel, the founder, is a dear friend and has personally helped Jamie with all of his moves through the years.  They are the best in the biz - and tell them TechDad sent you!

If you’ve got a pile of dusty outdated electronics or cables that you’ve been saving for a day that will probably never come, let TechDad sort it out so you don't have to. (This includes stacks of manuals, CDs, DVDs, power adaptors, external floppy drives, calculators, Walkman, headphones, etc.)

Wondering if you can donate your tech to a school or other organization? TechDad can give you a realistic assessment.
We can even arrange to have your old tech safely disposed of or recycled. It's important to know that you can't just throw old technology into regular trash bins.

excited tv hang.jpeg

Chris & Jamie were genuinely excited after hanging the new LG Wallpaper TV on the wall of a client’s new den. Not sure if it was the 1/4” thickness of the entire screen or the engineering of the mounting bracket. Either way, we love taking care of our clients’ technology moves!

Here are some of the questions we can help answer:

• Which tech should I buy for my new home?
• When is a good time to upgrade my TV?
• How can I enjoy wireless music throughout my new home?
• What internet service provider should I use & what service-plan do I select? 
• Is it time to 'cut the cord' and go with streaming media in my new home?
• Do I still need a landline? Will VoIP or digital phone work better?
• Should I be thinking about creating a smart home or smart office?
• How can I have strong Wi-Fi in every room (including my yard / patio / roof deck / garage / basement)?

From there, we can order your new equipment (TechDad now sells flat screen TV's at competitive prices), coordinate with your cable company / ISP to manage the installation, and have all of your tech working as soon as your movers get the truck unloaded.
We offer integration services for shading, lighting, HVAC control, audio, video, Wi-Fi / wired networking, surveillance, and more.

The satire editorial "The Onion" has also addressed this moving conundrum:"Jumbled Nest of Cords Makes Move To Third New Apartment"

Perhaps you’ll find comforting words about your move from Mr. Billy Joel: 'Movin' Out'

We are happy to help get things moving!

Email or call for a free telephone consultation I (212) 235 7011 x 701