Is Your Router Possessed? Maybe You Need A 'Tech-Sorcism'.

Spooked By Bad WiFi?
Who Ya Gonna Call?

TechDad will remove the goblins from your network!

Ever find yourself in this position? Your device indicates that you have a strong wifi signal, but webpages are not loading, email is not sending, and apps are not working. The problem could be that your ISP is delivering intermittent internet service to your home or business OR the modem/router that your ISP is renting to you is possessed!
*ISP = Internet Service Provider

By serving hundreds of clients over the past 4+ years, TechDad has found that Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) can be very intermittent (especially in older, smaller buildings) - causing clients to repeatedly try power cycling their modem and WiFi equipment.  It's kind of like doing a shamanic superstitious dance, it really won't help you.

If you feel like you are screaming into a vacuum with repeated calls and service visits by your ISP, we may be able to help. TechDad knows how to step in, speak the language that your provider can understand, and get your complaint escalated.  We can get a top tier tech to come on site, investigate all of the connections in your building's wiring, and fix the Frankenstein jumble of cables that are strewn like cobwebs throughout your building.

Fios, in our opinion delivers unparalleled service. If it is available in your home or office GET IT! You will experience consistent & reliable internet, and the strong wifi networks that TechDad installs for you will be SCARY FAST!

We find that about 1/3 of the modem/routers that Spectrum provides are defective. A great solution is to purchase your own. While spectrum charges a monthly fee for the rental of these devices, purchasing your own modem will typically pay for itself within one year and last many more. 

TechDad Managed Services for Networks: 

When TechDad installs a 'managed device', we can monitor when your connection is working properly and when it is down. For example, last week we noted at 12:28 am that every apartment between Warren Street and Great Jones Street along Broadway lost Spectrum internet for a period of 20 minutes. This insight allows TechDad to be more informed and provide unparalleled service to all of our clients.

If you would like to become a 'managed services client', please talk to us about our very reasonable plans which will take the worry, headache & fear out of internet maintenance. 

Contact us at or call (212) 235 7011 x 701

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