Don't Fall Behind On Falling Back

A broken clock is right two times a day...but not if it's an hour ahead!

As daylight saving comes to an end this Sunday, November 4th at 2am, we wanted to remind you that not all devices will automatically ‘fall back’ an hour. You won’t want to lose an hour of sleep if you don’t have to. Most 'smart' devices that are connected to the internet will automatically fall back one hour, but 'dumb' devices such as microwaves, alarm clocks, stoves, timed lights, wrist watches, thermostats, sprinklers, & car clocks probably need to be manually adjusted. Sometimes it takes a little tech savviness to make these adjustments. Just remember, you can always fall back on TechDad if you need a little assistance. 

Also, remember to make some time on Tuesday, November 7th to vote in your local elections!

James ProppComment