Why You Should Add Hidden Technology in Your Next Interior Design Project

There’s a new type of homeowner on the market, and they’re changing the understanding of what it means to live in New York.

More homebuyers today not only desire smart technology in their homes but expect it, which means interior designers must be able to speak the language of smart home technology and seamlessly incorporate it into their designs without intruding on the property’s style.

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3 Unbeatable Ways TechDad Helps You Grow Your Business

It takes true grit to grow a business in the competitive city of New York where another 200,000 businesses are working around the clock to make a profit. And while your hard work is essential for success, any progress would be for naught if you fail to maintain the wellness of your technology systems.

Whether you’re in New York City or halfway around the globe, read on for three unbeatable ways TechDad cares for your business.

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Tips & Resources to Keep Kids Safe Online

Parental controls and internet filters can prevent accidental exposure to explicit online material in your home.

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