TechDad understands that your business is your livelihood... 
Providing top-notch technology guidance is ours. 

With TechDad, small-to-midsize businesses can utilize large business IT solutions affordably. We will help you identify and implement these solutions so you can focus on the task at hand: Running your business. 

In today’s fast-paced and fluid technology environment, catering to your company’s productivity and security is our top priority. New tools mean more new ways of keeping projects moving, but the problem remains: how to keep your company ahead of the curve.

Big or small, all businesses experience “tech anxiety” with growth. 
We get this.

Marketers want you to believe it’s all about productivity and streamlining, but the constant threat from hackers, viruses, data loss, terror attacks, weather events and other threats occupies the minds of managers and business owners alike. While nobody can prevent these events from occurring, TechDad can ensure that your systems are secured, backed up, properly powered and that backup systems can quickly take over to ensure business continuity in a worst case scenario.


TechDad’s 360-Degree on-going assessment determines customized technology solution(s) to meet the needs of your business.

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  • Security & data threats
  • Industry compliance  
  • Trouble shooting & break / fix
  • Budget creation & project alignment  
  • Tech-focused conference room A/V
  • Cabling & network
  • infrastructure
  • Data backup proficiency
  • System & software upgrades
  • Noise mitigation  
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Implement & Train

  • Compliance standardization
  • Software selection training
  • Custom email solutions
  • C-Level tech guidance
  • System migrations (Customized Cloud, Next Generation Hardware)
  • System(s) Maintenance & Management
  • New Office Set-up, Relocation & Planning
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Process, Plan, Design

  • Project management
  • Process streamlining
  • Managed IT Services
  • VoIP telephony
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Audio systems
  • Tech makeovers (consultation & redesign)
  • Equipment research & recommendations
  • Coordinated solutions with 3rd party providers

Support & Monitor

  • Data breach
  • Windows PC & Mac systems
  • Internet connectivity
  • Wired & wireless networks
  • 24-hr. emergency services
  • Help desk support
  • Equipment recycling

Managed Services

We feel it's important to provide additional services that give you greater visibility into your systems. With the introduction of our Managed IT Services we can extend our Caring IT Support to remote monitoring and management of your computing assets in real time. This allows us to act on issues before you and your employees even know that they are problems. 

TechDad can securely monitor and access all of your company’s computing assets, including servers, Wi-Fi, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, Telepresence systems, AV installations and almost any web-connected device. We can monitor and resolve issues 24/7 without interrupting your work-day flow by sending a technician on site. Updates, patches and new software can be installed without human intervention, while your employees are away from the office.

TechDad will still be available to come on site to perform maintenance and resolve problems, but the bottom line is that managed services are more cost-effective and less disruptive to your business.

Recent Projects

It all boils down to the people behind the technology. Give us a call or send us a message so you can experience what TechDad calls “the human bridge.”