Wi-Fi & Network Services

Trouble connecting to your network? Would you like to extend the range of your wi-fi signal to areas with dead spots? Is your password (given by your ISP) too hard to remember? Do you want to secure your Wi-Fi network? Is your wireless network intermittent? Is your router more than 2 years old, intermittent and slow?

People want their Wi-FI to “just work”. They don’t want to be confused with technical gibberish and jargon. That’s what we take care of. We do the analysis, we recommend the proper equipment and tell you where to buy it at the lowest prices. We then set it up and optimize it, and provide you with simple instructions to keep your wireless network in top shape.

TechDad's Services For Wi-Fi & Networks Include:



  • Offering network improvement including signal coverage strengthening

  • Addressing problems with intermittence

  • Improving wireless speed

  • Changing network ID name & password (replace generic network names and passwords with your own)

  • Network security


  • Designing improved wireless networks for home and office