Smartphones & Tablets

Do you feel that you are only scratching the surface and want to learn how to unlock the power and features of your device? Do you need help syncing your photos, files and documents between your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop? Did you even know that this was possible? Is iCloud a confusing mess? Are you looking to upgrade your current phone and worried about how you will get your data onto your new phone? Are you looking for accessories and overwhelmed by the number of choices?

Smartphones today are loaded with powerful features that most users don’t know how to harness. Spending 1-2 hours with TechDad can help you become a “Power-User” and the envy of your friends and family with shortcuts, hidden features, voice control and app recommendations and instruction.

TechDad's Services For Smartphones & Tablets Include:


  • Helping you install, setup, backup and synchronize your phone + tablet with your computer (contacts, photos, calendar)

  • Assisting you in selecting and learning your apps

  • Instructing on best practices for getting the most out of your phone and tablet


  • Developing solutions for incorporating tablets into your business

  • Advising on purchase of accessories which increase the functionality of your devices

  • Matching technology to your needs (photography, design, music, sports and health - software & hardware)

  • Assisting you in selecting the best tech gifts for holidays and special occasions