TechDad's Commitment to Safety & Security

Helping clients with their personal technology is not a job that we take lightly.

The nature of working with clients in the privacy of their homes puts us in contact with personal and confidential information which must be handled with the utmost care and discretion. All of TechDad’s employees undergo a rigorous interview process, screening, and background check. They sign a strict confidentiality agreement, which states that their employment will be terminated if confidential client data is mishandled.

All of the information management programs that we use to run our business and store information have two-factor and other security protocols built-in. We also will not install remote access on any client’s machine without first explaining what having remote access means and receiving client authorization.

It is important that clients are comfortable and feel safe working with TechDad. If you have any questions about privacy and data security, please speak with us and make sure that we have answered all of your questions satisfactorily.