Get Help For Your Printer Here! 

Are you forever frustrated with your printer? Do you find yourself replacing costly ink cartridges more often than you think is necessary? Are photos printing with smudges or lines? Is your printer going offline or inaccessible at the most critical moments whether connected wirelessly or with a cable? Are you afraid to change ink cartridges? Are you constantly getting paper jams?

TechDad is here to help. We’ve seen it all and we have helped many. Sometimes the simplest solution is replacing an old printer with a newer model (as the cost of printers is low and the cost of ink is high). We know the best models that are cost-effective to operate and will give you stunning results every time.

TechDad is able to provide support for printers remotely and over the phone, so if you are in a pinch or are looking to save money, try this option. It’s fast, effective and costs less than having a tech come to your home.

TechDad's Services For Printers Include:


  • Troubleshooting & problem solving


  • Explaning & creating shortcuts to print, scan & fax


  • Selecting printers with cost-effective ink cartridges

  • Helping to plan for a paperless office (home office, too)

  • Establishing wireless printing environments