TechDad's Guide To

Creating And Remembering 

STRONG Passwords *

  1. Choose a favorite word OR memorable phrase

  2. Example: BobDylan  / Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romea? (ORRwatR)

  3. Choose a number (08161970 – a memorable Bday, mix old building # + apt # )

  4. Alternate these letters and numbers, mix caps and lower case

  5. Add a symbol such as % or # to the end.

    • RESULT 1: B0o8b1D6y1l9a7n0%

    • RESULT 2: O0R8R1w6a1t9R70# (or ! Or $, etc…)

  6. For less important sites, reuse same sequence but use the first 3 letters of the website name as a prefix

  7. Sensitive websites should have unique passwords (bank, email, e-comm)

  8. For example Netflix: netB0o8b1D6y1l9a7n0$

  1. Use a password management program
  2. Some of the ones TechDad uses are recommends are 1Password & Lastpass. These programs have one master password, which you must remember, and they store your passwords and fill them in automatically when you log into your websites. They also will generate strong, random passwords for you, if you prefer.
  3. These programs install on and sync across computer, tablet, phone so you always have your passwords when you need them
  4. Also, try using Apple’s iCloud Keychain to store and generate passwords