Password Assessment & Management

Many people know that their passwords are not secure but they continue to use the same one or two for all of their logins. If you fall into this category, it is probably only a matter of time before one of your important accounts gets broken into by hackers. As with computer backup, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. TechDad can setup and show you how to use the leading password management programs which allow you to unlock all of your passwords with a single password. Imagine being able to log on to all of the sites and apps that you access with a single click while having the protection of unique, strong passwords. 

Password managers can be installed and synced across all of your devices so that your passwords are always with you, always up-to-date and always protected by a single, master password.

While password managers cannot protect you from the data breaches that we read about in the news involving the theft of millions of peoples' data, they can protect you from front door break-ins where hackers and data thieves are looking to extract any data of value from your personal accounts.

If you are interested in taking your personal online security to the next level, TechDad will be happy to create a custom plan to install, instruct and get you to be independent and safe in the shortest period of time.

TechDad's Services For Password
Assessment & Management Include:


  • Help you select the best password manager for your needs and install on all of your devices


  • Teach you how to enter all of your logins and generate unique passwords for all of the sites and apps that you access


  • Preliminary gathering of all logins that you want secured

  • Safety assessment and introduction to credit protection and identity theft protection tools and services