Q: What services do you provide?

A: TechDad™ provides local, in-home service and remote log-in service for hardware & software training (specializing in Apple products), tech problem-solving & consulting. TechDad™ can help you learn how to use the tech that you have, answer specific questions about how to use your tech, provide ongoing training, help you decide which computer, office technology or home electronics to buy (this includes home audio and video systems, universal remotes, nanny cams and home security cameras), TechDad™ can help you set up a child-safe browsing environment to help protect your children from landing on web pages that are not age-appropriate, TechDad™ can show you how to get your printer working, setup a backup system or show you how to back up your data online, teach you how to create secure passwords and setup software to help you remember them, setup custom email addresses and make them accessible from all of your devices. Pretty much anything involving advising, using, purchasing and setting up your technology.

Q: My hard drive crashed. Can you help?

A: TechDad™ does provide data recovery services.  We will come to your location and test your drive with our specialized software. If we cannot recover your data on the spot, we will send your drive to our data recovery partner. TechDad™ believes in proactive measures and encourages all clients to set up online and offline data backup BEFORE A COSTLY CRASH HAPPENS (data recovery can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars). If you do have a backup drive and you have already experienced a hard drive failure, TechDad™ can install a new hard drive and restore your backup data to this drive (depends on the make and model of your computer). If TechDad™ can't install a new drive on your model of computer, we will refer you to an authorized repair service that can.


Q: The wi-fi signal in my home/office is weak in certain areas, can this be fixed?

A:  A resounding YES!  This common problem can be remedied with new equipment that will provide strong signal coverage to all areas of your location, or by placing your current equipment in a more central, open area in your location.



Q: I have so many questions about my phone/tablet/computer/ camera/etc. Can you come to my home or office and help me with these specific questions?

A: YES!  TechDad™ comes to you. If you are not in our local service region, we can do remote log-in to your computer and show you what to do ON YOUR computer screen. TechDad™ will sit with you, answer all your questions and teach you simple tricks that will help you to better understand and allow you to get more from your tech. One-off sessions, weekly or regularly scheduled lessons available.



Q: I want to clean up my computer and make sure that everything is up to date.


A: TechDad™ will make sure that your computer is running the latest operating system that gives you the functionality you require on your computer. TechDad™ will see if there are invisible programs (i.e. malware, spyware, viruses) running that are slowing your system down. Computers that are several years old may not have the power or memory to run the latest system updates. If you reach a necessary upgrade point, TechDad™ can help you choose the best new computer for your needs too! 


Q: Do you offer a maintenance plan. I just want to make sure my tech is always in tip-top shape.


A: YES! TechDad™offers an annual plan (paid in advance). TechDad™ will come to your home once per month or twice per month and check on all of your computers and device, making sure they are all operating well and up-to-date. Oftentimes this can prevent major tech disasters because your data will be backed up and there wont be time for little problems to grow into big problems. 


Q: What platforms and brands do you support? 


A: TechDad™ specialize in Apple products (Mac, OSX, iOS), but also support Android devices, and Windows. Clients call TechDad™ for help with understanding their Fios and Time Warner Cable boxes, HDTV's, projectors and home audio equipment. This can include Apple TV, Roku, Sling, Sonos and other streaming media devices.

Q: Can you help me organize my digital photos, create a safety backup of my precious family photos and videos and help me to share them more easily with friends and family? Also, I would like a reliable solution for printing my photos, can I learn how to do this? 

YES. TechDad™ can show you how to select the best digital photo organizing software, create online photo albums that are easy to share, collect all of your images (which may be stored in many different folders or on different computers) into a central location. TechDad™ can teach you how to email multiple photos simultaneously and size and rotate the photos properly so that your dog's nose does not take up the entire screen - sideways! TechDad™ can setup a backup drive which will regularly backup your computer so that your latest digital assets will all be backed up and/or we can make a one-time safety backup of your images and videos for storage in a safe location (this is an essential practice for anyone who has important photos and videos, because at some point most people may experience a loss of data). TechDad™ can also show you how to print photos using your existing printer, recommend a photo printing device or show you how to use the most popular online photo printing services (including the services where you pick the photos up from a store).

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