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My husband and I have worked with Jamie from Tech Dad several times over the past year on various tech issues, including TV/cable difficulties, computer problems and devising a data back-up strategy. Not only has he solved our tech problems, he is prompt, reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with. He is patient with non-tech savvy people like myself and also diligent about seeing problems through until they are solved...I highly recommend him!
— Amy K.

TechDad's Backup Services Include:

  • Configure backup software on desktop and laptop computers (i.e., Time Machine and Norton online backup)
  • Ensure portable devices are backing up properly to the cloud
  • Design a backup plan that is easy for you to follow
  • Collect and consolidate files from old cameras, computers, hard drives and store them on a single, modern drive; making your archives easy to access 
  • Setup and configure online cloud backup for your devices (i.e., Crashplan & Carbonite)
  • Automatically update and backup important files

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Some of the Brands We Support: Drobo, Synology, Western Digital, LaCIE, G-Drive, Seagate, Toshiba, Time Machine, Norton Online Backup, Carbonite, SOS Online Backup, Dropbox, Crashplan, Rebit

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