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A local dad with a passion for tech

Hi! My name is Jamie Propp. I am a local NYC dad. I have one daughter who was born in and is being raised in Tribeca. I am a native New Yorker and a life-long tinkerer. Tech has always been second nature to me.

Helping people with their tech allows me to combine my three main passions: technology, teaching and helping people.  The end result is my growing business, TechDad™, which provides in-home/office or remote log-in software & hardware training, problem-solving and consulting services for individuals and small businesses.

If you require assistance with any or all of your tech, you should give TechDad™ a call. I am glad to help or point you in the direction of a provider who can solve your problem. Need a second opinion? The doctor is in!



 TechDad not pictured, but you get the idea!

TechDad not pictured, but you get the idea!

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